Sunday, March 27, 2011

LKH's Birth Announcement

Blessed Cross Rose Birth Announcement
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Checkup

At each checkup there are a series of checks: they check Sarah's weight, listen to the baby's heartbeat, and then measure the baby.  It seems to me that this latter test is not very precise; they just hold a tape measure against Sarah's belly and go "eh, it's about 34". 

Nevertheless, the last two times we wnt in (December and early January) Sarah measured just above the high end of normal.  This last time, the doc was worried enough about this that he had his tech do a brief ultrasound and check everything out. 

There are two big results here.  First: everything is in order. And second: the baby has hair.  See the fuzzy region around the perimeter of her head:

This is big news around my family.  Ainsleigh was born bald-headed, as was my niece, my brother and myself.  This is the first baby with hair in our family in some time.

The Nursery

We moved into our home in 2008.  At the time, we were in a bit of a rush, and we didn't bother to paint.  Thus the guest-bedroom/soon-to-be-nursery was plain old builder beige.

We talked about this a bit and decided to paint it a pale green color.  With LK being a girl, we have a lot of pink stuff: wall hangings, blankets, stuffed animals, even the lamp shade.  With the walls we wanted more of a contrast. 

Like I said, pink all hangings; that's a coat/towel rack that Sarah bought in the summer time when my nieces were coming to visit and would need someplace to hang their wet towels. Most of the other hangings are waiting for the furniture to be in place (we haven't bought the furniture yet); I just put this one up so that we could see how the colors look together.

The drapes and diaper hanger match the bedding (which is in  the bag, still).  It's pink and green with ladybugs and dragonflies.

Much of the actual painting was done by our super-awesome friend Marcoe, who came up the day after Christmas to help out with it.  The fisrst night she was here, I said something like "I'm going to go in after dinner and start taping."  She said "Tape?  Why?" and proceeded to hand-cut around every trim surface in the room: the door, the closet, the window, the baseboard, and the crown molding.  It was inspiring.

Since November

I see that the last post on here is stamped November 8th.  Wow! Time goes by.

Since then, we've had a series of  visits with the doctor.  At first, it was a lot of nothing to report: Sarah and Lynnleigh are both doing well. 

Things started to happen in December.  At our checkup in late December, we scheduled LK's birth by C-section for March 1st.  (Ainsleigh was born by C-section after Sarah had been in labor for 24 hours; she just wouldn't fit.  Between the previous C-section and the reason for it, everyone involved thinks its better to take LK out by section, too.) So while she might come before then, she won't come later.

Also in December, our very dear friend Marcoe came up from Jackson to help me paint the nursery.  More on that in a moment.

After the December checkup, we entered the every-two-weeks prenatal checkup period  So we back to the doc the first week of January.  A separate post on that is coming up, too.

Is This Thing On?

Lots of posts coming up...

Monday, November 8, 2010

For Your Consideration

This is a purely speculative exercise, of course; Lynnleigh's's face is still thin, and doesn't have much the muscle or fat that will give it shape yet. But even wild speculation is fun. Here she is, side by side with her sister:


Baby's name is Lynnleigh Kate.